Who is VCSC?

Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC) is an organization fighting in defense of Cuba. We work to build solidarity and support for Cuba within Canada. VCSC is a member of the cross-Canada Cuba group "the Canadian Network on Cuba". To do this, we organize frequent educational events, cultural events, mobilizations and actions in support of Cuba's sovereignty against Imperialist attack and in defence of the gains of the Cuban revolution. We also run 3 petition campaigns:

-1- Against the US Blockade on Cuba
-2- To Free the Cuban 5
-3- To Extradite Luis Posada Carrilles to Venezuela.

Through petitioning throughout the lower mainland and on campuses, we engage with thousands of people about Cuba and get support in defending Cuba against attacks. Through our work we bring Cuba to youth, students, women, marginalized communities and all working and oppressed people in Canada, as an example of a better world for us all. We welcome new members and encourage everyone to get involved with VCSC to build a larger, stronger Cuba solidarity movement in Canada!

For meeting times/locations and Upcoming Events please call 778 882 5223 or email vancubasolidarity@gmail.com

VCSC Mission Statement

On May 6th 2004, US president George W. Bush announced a new set of attacks on the people of Cuba. This culminated in a $59 million plan over two years, placing new travel restrictions on Cuban-Americans and was ultimately aimed at overthrowing Cuba?s independent government. These new attacks caused worldwide outrage and generated increased international momentum in defense of Cuba. In British-Columbia, this new momentum was lead by young people, working people, people of the third world and other oppressed people who came together to defend the gains of the Cuban revolution and Cuba?s right to self-determination. This initiative is Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC).

Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba is committed to organizing consistently and passionately in support of the Cuban people. We have taken on two main campaigns: First, to lift the cruel US blockade against Cuba. Secondly, to Free the Five Cuban Heroes imprisoned in US jails. We have used these two dynamic campaigns not only to defend Cuba against imperialist attacks, but also to educate young, working and oppressed people in Vancouver about the experience of Cuba.

We discuss and inform people across the Lower Mainland and BC about how the Cuban people have faced the blockade, large-scale terrorism, and all out aggression by the United States for the last 45 years, and have still risen to the #1 position in Latin America in life expectancy, literacy and doctors, and the lowest infant mortality rate. We inform people about Cuba?s dedication to the principles and implementation of mass mobilization, voluntary work, and internationalism. And we apply the lessons learned from the leadership of Cuban people to our own fights for dignity and human rights within Canada and around the world.

VCSC calls on all individuals and organizations with an interest in defending Cuba to come together in defense of the Cuban revolution and the gains of the heroic Cuban people to build a movement united with Cuba, with each other, and with all oppressed people worldwide against the United States criminal aggression against Cuba and the Cuban people.